ARP Truck

Aerial Ready Pickup

The missing piece in your lot.

UTEC's most versatile aerial. A single wheel f350 with a 19' boom in the bed.

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 General Specifications:

Height To Bottom Basket

29' 10" (9.0 m)

Horizontal Side Reach

19' 6" (5.9 m)

Working Height

34' 10" (10.6 m)

Stowed Height

12' 2" (3.7 m)


540 Degrees

 Aerial Features:

  • 24V DC Powered Aerial
  • Electrical Tool Outlet at Basket
  • Emergency Lower 12V DC
  • Porportional Upper Controls w/ Single Handle Actuator
  • Side Mounted Walk-Thru Basket w/ Door
  • Lightweight Aluminum Inner Boom
  • Hydraulic Leveling Basket
  • UTLN35A meets and exceeds ANSI A92.2-2015 and OSHA Requirements

 Vehicle Features:

  • User friendly, Drives like a pickup
  • Simple explanation ofoperation
  • Truck warranty 36 mos or 36,000 miles
  • Low aerial maintenance cost
  • Pull your trailer to the job site
  • Service multiple jobs w/o transport costs
  • Simple intuitive operation
  • Optional 4WD
  • Single rear wheel
  • No outriggers

Exterior Photos
Applications Photos